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Looking For Love Crowdfunding Campaign

Menelik Shabazz is making a new film, Looking For Love, a fresh look at male/female relationships

The Sweet Story Behind Looking For Love

I am Menelik Shabazz, an internationally acclaimed Writer, Director, Producer, Film Festival Organizer, Film Magazine Publisher and Educator who has been at the forefront of Contemporary British Cinema for over 30 years.


Good Day Family!

Thank you for supporting and being part of this exciting filmmaking journey.

I am pleased to let you know that my latest film project LOOKING FOR LOVE has wrapped up shooting.

LOOKING FOR LOVE is a unique feature length documentary about the very live issues of relationships, love, intimacy and sex.

This is a ground -breaking film about male/female relationships that includes single people, psychologists, relationship experts, couples and comedians (Kojo, Mr T,Eddie KadiAndi Osho, Donna Spence, Slim). LOOKING FOR LOVE is part of a movement, a social shift that is transforming, empowering and healing communities.

Intended for cinema release in 2015, LOOKING FOR LOVE will be distributed in a similar manner to my previous award winning film “The Story of Lovers Rock” ( which enjoyed national and international accaim.

To complete LOOKING FOR LOVE I need to raise £19,000 for the editing and post production process.  I am asking you to become part of this journey by not only donating to this campaign, but that you also share our message to your networks.

Let’s get this life changing legacy film to the big screen….

Together we can most definitely do it!

All we need is love

Menelik Shabazz
SunRa Pictures

For further details please click on link




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